Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Weekend :)

This has been a great weekend!
Saturday we got up - Scott made us Eggs for breakfast, we watching Full House on TV, and we headed out for a while... I had to run by Old Navy to pick up a couple of things - I had a $10 coupon, and had seen some outdoor toys there I wanted to buy. Then went to Ingles and bought a chicken and some potato salad. We then went to the park - we had a picnic lunch and played with our new toys....I don't know what they are called - there are two flat disks that have velcro on them and you throw and tennis type ball back and forth and catch with the velcro disks....We all loved this one. The other one I thought was just a net/raquet with a ball - but it ends up the net is more like a sling shot - that one wasn't as fun - or Sean friendly! :)
The park we go to has a paved path around it - Sean ran around the path 3 times - then Scott and I were going to walk it with him, and we ran into our old neighbor Jennifer, so we talked to her and her kids for a bit. The park is also right next to the library, so I went in there and checked out some books/movies.
After we left the park, we came home for a little bit to rest - then we were going to go to the park that we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at a few months back- it has an awesome bike riding track around it. When we were almost to the exit, Sean fell asleep, so we decided to ride around for a while. It ended up they were having some sort of festival at the park, so it wouldn't have been a good day to go there anyway. After our ride we came home - Scott decided to take a nap, so I took advantage of the time and watched Bride Wars. I had to stop it a couple of times- a work call or two, and to read Duck Soup to Sean. The movie was SOOOO funny, and very good - but also made me very sad. I didn't expect that mood swing! I think it's because I don't feel THAT close to any of my "girlfriends" - and to be honest, that is alot of my own fault - I am kinda a crappy friend to people. I tend to get close to people and then push them away - I don't know why I do it, but I always have. And then there are those friends that I lost touch with, or I hurt, and I miss their friendships too. Oh well, it caused me to have a lil pity party....but ya know what? I do have friends, and I do have fun with those friends, and God is good, so that is all that matters!
Anyway, I was in a lil bit of a bad mood and just wanted some time to my self, but since that doesn't really happen, we went to a different park - and Sean wanted to play his new toys again, but I asked if we could go for a walk first - I didn't really expect us to walk the whole trail, but we did. We walked a mile and a half - it took us a long time, but it was great and refreshing. We all felt better once we were done. We also took sean close to the creek (liver in his words), and I dunked his feet in a few times. It was fun. When we were done, we were pooped. Sean still wanted to play his new toys, but we convienced him to play on the playground instead.
We left the park and went by the store to get the stuff to make Tea and were finally eating dinner sometime after 8 last night.
Most nights when we put Sean to bed, he comes downstairs to give us "one more kiss" anywhere from 4 to....who knows how many times - last night he was so worn out he only came down once!
This morning we got up, and I made them eggs for breakfast, and I had a peanut butter/banana sandwich ( I don't REALLY care for eggs, but do eat them from time to time). I had told Sean he had to take a bath this morning before church, but he didn't want to, so while I was cooking breakfast I took the easy way out and washed him in the sink. Yeah, I know, gross, but ya know what...sometimes ya gotta do what you gotta do!!!
After breakfast we watched TV then got ready for church. We really like this church so far. Scott actually went with us this morning and said he liked it and is going back again. I hope he really does. Sean still didn't want to go to the kids area - even after church when a lady offered to show us where it was, he started crying. We went to the room, and well...we'll see. I think we will have to go with him a time or two before he is comfy with it...
Church itself was good- we had the Lord's Supper.
After church we came home and had sanwiches for lunch and watched a little TV...tried to get Sean to take a nap. It took a while before he went to sleep...and since it was so late, I didn't want him to sleep too late, so I woke him up. I gave him a snack, and then we got ready for the park.
We went back to the walking park - we only walked half a mile today because it was hot and we were feeling a lil lazy.... After the walk, we took Sean down to the liver, and he wanted to put his feet in again - I helped and, and then I told him to take his shoes off - there were people playing in the creek - so I figured what the heck - why not!!! He had SOOOOO much fun! Scott and I did too :)
We cooked out hamburgers tonight, and after dinner watched ICarly.
Over all it was a great weekend!!! :) I hope next weekend is just as good!

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