Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Weekend :)

This has been a great weekend!
Saturday we got up - Scott made us Eggs for breakfast, we watching Full House on TV, and we headed out for a while... I had to run by Old Navy to pick up a couple of things - I had a $10 coupon, and had seen some outdoor toys there I wanted to buy. Then went to Ingles and bought a chicken and some potato salad. We then went to the park - we had a picnic lunch and played with our new toys....I don't know what they are called - there are two flat disks that have velcro on them and you throw and tennis type ball back and forth and catch with the velcro disks....We all loved this one. The other one I thought was just a net/raquet with a ball - but it ends up the net is more like a sling shot - that one wasn't as fun - or Sean friendly! :)
The park we go to has a paved path around it - Sean ran around the path 3 times - then Scott and I were going to walk it with him, and we ran into our old neighbor Jennifer, so we talked to her and her kids for a bit. The park is also right next to the library, so I went in there and checked out some books/movies.
After we left the park, we came home for a little bit to rest - then we were going to go to the park that we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at a few months back- it has an awesome bike riding track around it. When we were almost to the exit, Sean fell asleep, so we decided to ride around for a while. It ended up they were having some sort of festival at the park, so it wouldn't have been a good day to go there anyway. After our ride we came home - Scott decided to take a nap, so I took advantage of the time and watched Bride Wars. I had to stop it a couple of times- a work call or two, and to read Duck Soup to Sean. The movie was SOOOO funny, and very good - but also made me very sad. I didn't expect that mood swing! I think it's because I don't feel THAT close to any of my "girlfriends" - and to be honest, that is alot of my own fault - I am kinda a crappy friend to people. I tend to get close to people and then push them away - I don't know why I do it, but I always have. And then there are those friends that I lost touch with, or I hurt, and I miss their friendships too. Oh well, it caused me to have a lil pity party....but ya know what? I do have friends, and I do have fun with those friends, and God is good, so that is all that matters!
Anyway, I was in a lil bit of a bad mood and just wanted some time to my self, but since that doesn't really happen, we went to a different park - and Sean wanted to play his new toys again, but I asked if we could go for a walk first - I didn't really expect us to walk the whole trail, but we did. We walked a mile and a half - it took us a long time, but it was great and refreshing. We all felt better once we were done. We also took sean close to the creek (liver in his words), and I dunked his feet in a few times. It was fun. When we were done, we were pooped. Sean still wanted to play his new toys, but we convienced him to play on the playground instead.
We left the park and went by the store to get the stuff to make Tea and were finally eating dinner sometime after 8 last night.
Most nights when we put Sean to bed, he comes downstairs to give us "one more kiss" anywhere from 4 to....who knows how many times - last night he was so worn out he only came down once!
This morning we got up, and I made them eggs for breakfast, and I had a peanut butter/banana sandwich ( I don't REALLY care for eggs, but do eat them from time to time). I had told Sean he had to take a bath this morning before church, but he didn't want to, so while I was cooking breakfast I took the easy way out and washed him in the sink. Yeah, I know, gross, but ya know what...sometimes ya gotta do what you gotta do!!!
After breakfast we watched TV then got ready for church. We really like this church so far. Scott actually went with us this morning and said he liked it and is going back again. I hope he really does. Sean still didn't want to go to the kids area - even after church when a lady offered to show us where it was, he started crying. We went to the room, and well...we'll see. I think we will have to go with him a time or two before he is comfy with it...
Church itself was good- we had the Lord's Supper.
After church we came home and had sanwiches for lunch and watched a little TV...tried to get Sean to take a nap. It took a while before he went to sleep...and since it was so late, I didn't want him to sleep too late, so I woke him up. I gave him a snack, and then we got ready for the park.
We went back to the walking park - we only walked half a mile today because it was hot and we were feeling a lil lazy.... After the walk, we took Sean down to the liver, and he wanted to put his feet in again - I helped and, and then I told him to take his shoes off - there were people playing in the creek - so I figured what the heck - why not!!! He had SOOOOO much fun! Scott and I did too :)
We cooked out hamburgers tonight, and after dinner watched ICarly.
Over all it was a great weekend!!! :) I hope next weekend is just as good!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is memorial day.
I don't believe in war or violence, but today I am thankful for those for have fought for our that I have the freedom to have my own opinions (like not believing in war). :)

It has been a good day/weekend.
Friday I took the day off work ...Scott and I went to breakfast, then to home depot...then we went to see Ghosts of Girlsfriends past. It wasn't all that. Maybe a good rental.
After that I felt bad - I had a sinus headache - so I came home and took a nap until time to pick Sean up from daycare.
Saturday we went to SC so Sean and I could have lunch with Steph, then we spent time with Scott's family. We made it home in time for dinner, which was a nice change:).
Sunday morning I was not motivated, but we didn't have anything for breakfast, so Sean and I headed to Harris Teeter to pick up some groceries.
I was really not motivated for church, and I even was praying for God to change my heart, and my sweet little boy pipes up and says "I want to go to church mommy" So, we did.
After church we came home and took a nap, once we got up we took Sean to feed the ducks at the Lake and then went for a ride.
This morning I woke up with a headache from hell. I took enough medicine to help with it. I had to do some work this morning because a few jobs had failed.
After that I started painting Sean's room. Scott got up late morning and started helping. We managed to get his room painted by mid afternoon. We got all the crayons covered up. YEAH!!!! It was no small feat! We did break for lunch - I had made spaghetti :) YUMMY
We tried to get Sean to nap while we worked - no luck.
We cleaned up when we were done and ended up taking Sean to the park to ride his bike. While riding it started to rain, so we went for a ride - then it quit raining so we headed back to the park. He rode his bike some more, played with sidewalk chalk, and we played baseball. He was tired and whiney, so we headed home -
I grilled ribs for dinner while Scott and Sean started putting his room back together.
It was a good and exhausting day :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Atlantic Beach Trip

We took a trip to Atlantic Beach, NC this past weekend.
We left mid-morning Thursday. It was a good morning. Scott had been sick the day before but was feeling better that morning. I had a migraine, but stopped at CVS to get my Esgic Plus and Relpax filled.
We started out on our long drive. We had to make a couple of bathroom breaks.
On the first one, as Sean and I walked to the bathroom we passed a guy with spiked hair, mohawk style - and NO LIE the spikes were AT LEAST a foot tall. Sean looked at him with the funniest look on his face but didn't say a word. Then on our second break that Scott had gone in ahead of us. Sean was walking ahead of me, and he got to the automatic doors. He had one hand on the glass that does not move, and had one hand on the door- when the door opened and trapped his hand in between the glass and the door. I had trouble getting the door to shut off his hand. I knew he was in alot of pain - his hand was puffy and bruised immediately. A man there made sure he could wiggle his fingers and a lady went and got him a bandaid - knowing that bandiads fix everything to a 3 yr old. It took him a little bit to calm down some, and we made our way back to the car. Luckily when I was packing last mintue things that morning I threw his tylenlol in the bag "just in case". I have him 2 chewable tylenols and made an ice pack for his hand. Once he calmed down enough, we let him potty and we hit the road.
After that the rest of the ride was pretty peaceful, we had to stop a few more times. Sean enjoyed watching some videos - Scooby doo and Dragon tales and stuff like that.
It took us 8 hours to get to Atlantic Beach. By the time we got there it was pouring rain...however, it cleared up while we were unpacking. It was sprinking a little, but not enough to matter.
We got checked in, unloaded, ate dinner in our room. Once dinner was over we changed into our beach clothes and went out to the beach - it was 7 pm, and it was perfect - Sean started out being like a little beach birdie that runs up to the water, then runs away as it gets close to him. Then we held his hand and took him in the ocean - he loved it and showed no fear. We ended our beach time at the out door hottub. It was so much fun to see Sean so excited over everything - sand castles - water, birds, everything!!
Friday when we got up they were calling for rain - it was overcast, but not raining, so we headed out to the beach. We had laid down the law the night before - no going in the ocean unless Mommy and Daddy were both holding Sean's hands. We made sand castles on the beach, played in the ocean, and all together had a good time. We went back to the hottub, and then to our room late morning for lunch. We then got ready and headed to the aquarium.
We had seen commericals for the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores on PBS for a long time, and since we were staying less than 5 mintues from the Aquarium it seemed a shame not to go. I was shocked - it cost us a total of $16 to get in. Not bad!!! Sean loved the fishes, and the otters, and the frogs, but he was really excited over the turtles!!! He was a little scared of the darkness of the ocean life room - but once we were in there a little bit he was excited about the sharks, big fish, turtles. He even like the Jelly Fish - after all Spongebob loves jelly fishes!!
They convieniently had a DQ located outside the Aquarium, so we had to get ice cream before we left.
We took a late afternoon nap once we got back to our hotel.
That night we ate fresh seafood at the resturant in our hotel. It was very yummy.
We were going to take a ride, but we made it a few miles down the road and one of our dash lights came on - the first thing I found in the manual about it was "battery charging" and I feared that our altanator was going out - luckly once we turned the car off/on it went off. Luckily it did not come back on, and after further reading we believe everything is fine.
Saturday we woke up to bright sunny skies. We were on the beach early, rented chairs for the day, and played - we made sand castles, played in the ocean, buried scott's feet, scott and sean played frisbee, and sean laughed at the little birds. We even saw a sand crab from a distance. We played in the hottub some, and ate hotdogs from the snack bar beside the pool.
Sean was ready for a nap...supposedly, so we went to the room - but it took him until 12:45 to go to sleep - so I let him sleep until a little after 2. I enjoyed some time alone while he and scott napped. After they got up, we headed back to the beach and pool for a while. A while later we were going to play putt putt, but once we drove there decided not to. So, we ended up deciding to go to food lion to pick up a few things - while in the store someone apparently stole scott's cell phone out of our car. He threw a tantrum after that and it took a while to get him to calm down enought to be tolerable again. We went to the police station to file a report- While he was in there Sean and I walked to a store a few buildings down. Scott came and got us when he was done - and he had a surprise - there was a firestation in between and he had asked if Sean could come in and look around. So, we took Sean to see the firetruck and talk to the fireman. They even gave Sean a fire chief hat -- too cute!!!
Sundy Scott slept in and Sean and I played on the Beach building castles and then in the ocean briefly, then to the pool. We then went to our room and finished packing and loaded some stuff into the car. We finally got Scott up and got checked out. We had the lunch special at the resturant -- who can resist fresh shrimp!! Then we hit the road for home. The ride home took a lot longer and took more stops than the trip there, but that's ok - it was fairly uneventful and we made it home a little after 9 PM - -- very tired, sunburnt, relaxed, but dreading the return to the daily grind on Monday.
I can't wait to take Sean back to the beach again. It does my heart good to see my baby so happy and excited about everything!!!!
I hope that he always has such joy in his heart!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day again. Mother's days is a bittersweet time for me.
I know I may be a little biased, but I had the best mother in the world. She was a very unselfish Christian lady who put up with a lot of crap in her life, but was not bitter or jaded because of it. She always put her kids in front of herself, and she was always as involved as she could be in all of our lives - going to ball games, shopping, etc. Most of the time she was the income for our family. She was the one who took me to church. She was the one who understood my struggle with depression, even though we never talked as much as I should have about it. My mom died in 1991 at 52. I was 17...a senior in high school, so I never knew my mom as an adult. I feel cheated because of that - there have been alot of times over the last 17 1/2 years that I wish that I could talk to her, ask her opinion, or just tell her that I love her. She didn't get to see any of her grandchildren born...although I'm sure she sees them from Heaven, she didn't see me get married (maybe she would have talked me out of it???), or see me graduate from high school, or any of those other "BIG" milestones. There's alot that I don't remember about my mom, and I enjoy when simple things in life bring back memories of her and times we shared.
One of the best memories I have of my mom was when I was 4 years old - my mom picked me up from K4 kindergarden (she was a working mom, so normally my grandmother usually picked me up), we rode through the country, stopped at a convience store (a rare occurance in my family) and she bought me a snack (chips and a drink I think), and we went to a dentist appt for her. It was a good day. It was a simple day, but a good one.
I also remember us living in Fountain Inn and having our in-ground pool...mama couldn't swim, but enjoyed being in the pool. She mostly stayed in the shallow end, but she would make her rounds around the deep end holding onto the side of the pool...being silly while she did it.

There were many years that I did not believe that I could have kids. I would say that Mother's Day was the hardest during those years - I didn't have my mom and I didn't have a child of my own that I really it was EMPTY....then thanks to my doctor and a wondeful drug called Femara, I was able to get pregnant, and a little over three years ago I had my sweet sweet little boy. He brings me so much joy each day, and he drives me nuts all at the same times. He is so stubborn, but gets it honestly from me. He loves to cuddle, and suck his thumb, and give butt wiggle hugs....and loves to fuss, and hit, and cry. He's a good child and I hope that I can be a good mom to him. I admit one of my biggest fears is that I will die while he is young, and he will be left with alot of questions like I have that I wish I could ask my mom. I want to live to be an old annoying lady so that I can see my Sean grow up and hopefully have kids of his own. Nothing is better than hearing "I love you mommy" I hope that I can teach Sean the important things in life, and raise him to know God, and to love and respect others.
I love my little guy...I talk about him ALL the time, and want everyone to know him and love him like I do :) I love to hear him giggle, and to nuggle with him. And I love to see him learn and laugh

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quack Quack

Today was supposed to be rainy.
We were lazy around the house this morning... then the time came that we NEEDED to go to the store to get a few things (ya know, the necessities...TP, Trash bags, etc...)
It was a nice surprise when we walked outside and it was SUNNY and almost 80 degrees!! Whoo-hoo!
So, we went to Target to buy what we needed. When we went in the store, Sean asked if he could have an icee when we were done - I told him that if he was good, he could have an icee.
We bought the things we needed plus a few things we needed for our upcoming vacation. When we were getting ready to leave, we headed to the cafe to buy an icee. We ended up getting a PB&J combo with an icee... and we took it to Lake Jullian.
We sat at a picnic table and ate our lunch. Well, maybe I should say I ate my lunch. Sean was too excited about the ducks to eat. He kept saying "Hey Ducky" and talking to them. After several failed attempts to get the kid to eat, I opened up the loaf of bread that we had bought and let him feed the ducks. He started out on the ground...and then climbed on the bench...and as the ducks got closer he ended up on TOP of the picnic table.
He was throwing bread to the ducks and would get excited when they ate. He got upset when the ducks would bite each other. A couple of times he said "Good Job Duckie" and he would tell me the ducks were eating from him "He eat it mommy" ... and even a few times the ducks would eat out of his hand. Most of the times he would toss it to them "Catch Ducky", "This not yours Ducky" (When intended for a different duck). It was great to see how much excitement he had over the day with the ducks!
Maybe we can do it again soon!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

one of "those" mom's

I used to think parents who kept their kids on leashes were crazy...what kind of parent would do that????
Well....the kind of parent that has lost control needs to gain it back would. Sunday my kid ran away from me twice - once in Ingles - which I fairly quickly found him - and once in Kohl's which took a little longer to locate....By the time I found him in Kohls I was scared, angry, frustrated and knew things had to change.... after a spanking and explaining to him all the reasons he will never roam free in a store again...I decided that I would either 1) never go in public with him again or 2) make some changes. Since we all know how helpful my husband is - option 2 won hands down.
For stores, he is now restricted to buggy's - I don't care if we are buying one item - he will ride.
I'm planning a vacation soon and decided that a harness (leash) would be a good idea. It's a monkey backpack type leash. He won't always have to wear it....but there are situations where I'd rather be one of "those" mom's than risk him being hurt, kidnapped or killed.